Arcep IoT symposium on 7th November: « inventing pro-innovation regulation »

Arcep IoT symposium on 7th November: « inventing pro-innovation regulation »

It is possible to both regulate AND stimulate innovation! Monday, 7 November 2016, Arcep invited the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem’s stakeholders, for a morning of dialogue over how we can build IoT regulation together.

The symposium also marked the completion of a collaborative project. Since the start of the year, Arcep and several other public sector stakeholders – CNIL, ANSSI, ANFR, DGALN, DGE, France Stratégie – have been engaged in a dialogue with some 60 IoT ecosystem players. Thanks to this interaction, the draft version of a White Paper was published for consultation during the summer. Both documents of this work were published on this occasion: a White Paper on preparing for the Internet of Things revolution, the fruit of this collaborative work and the dialogue with the ecosystem’s players, along with a roadmap that concerns Arcep in particular, with a view to supporting the development of IoT networks. « »

The replay of Arcep IoT symposium in english
→ The symposium on #IoTArcep
Program in english
Biographies of speakers

→ White paper “Preparing the revolution of the internet of things:
Document No. 1: A mapping of Arcep and its partners’ understanding of the issues pertaining to the internet of things
Document No. 2 : Arcep’s roadmap to develop a pro-innovation regulation

Synthetic leaflet : “IoT: Inventing a pro-innovation regulation – 5 key issues / 3 tools for Arcep” (english version)

Stakeholders opinions about the public consultation on the white paper (19 July – 19 September 2016) (20 Mo – rar)

Sébastien Soriano’s opinion in the Huffington Post (7th November 2016) (in French only)