The IoT and the digital transition: three workshops to foster meaningful debate

The IoT and the digital transition: three workshops to foster meaningful debate

To better understand the issues surrounding the development of the Internet of Things, to be able to then assist stakeholders in navigating the transition, Arcep is organising a series of meetings and discussions with the parties involved.

atelier-iot-04This action plan is being carried out in collaboration with France’s Directorate-General for Enterprise, DGE (Direction Générale des Entreprises), the National Frequency Agency, ANFR (Agence nationale des fréquences), French data protection authority, CNIL (Commission nationale Informatique et Libertés), the National Network and Information Security Agency, ANSII (Agence Nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’informations), France Stratégie, and the Directorate-General for Planning, Housing and Land Management, DGALN (Direction Générale de l’Aménagement, du Logement et de la Nature).

After having held a series of meetings between October 2015 and February 2016, Arcep is working to foster ongoing dialogue with stakeholders invested in the IoT aspect of the digital transition, by delving deeper into the driving forces behind its future success within the different sectors of activity, notably in the areas of connectivity, interoperability, data management, security and the relationship between the ecosystem’s many players.

To this end, working in concert with the Systematic Paris-Region and Cap Digital competitiveness clusters, and the Carrefour de l’internet des objets, Arcep will be hosting three thematic workshops whose aim is to foster constructive dialogue with specialists and IoT service users in the following areas:

• Industry and connected transportation (23 May 2016);

• Buildings and connected cities (23 June 2016);

• Connected health (27 June 2016).

atelier-iot-03The purpose of these workshops is to forge operational ties between Arcep and industry players involved in the development of the Internet of Things. They should foster meaningful debate on the issues at hand and the keys to success, but also on the actions needed from public authorities to support the IoT’s development.

These workshops will be prefaced by a summary presentation of the current state of affairs, as established by Arcep through its series of earlier meetings, and will give way to open discussions on the following topics in particular:

• connectivity and communication technologies;

• systems interoperability, structuring relations between stakeholders;

• systems and data protection.

These discussions will provide valuable information for the forthcoming Arcep government report on the Internet of Things. A public consultation on the key recommended actions for public authorities will be launched before summer 2016.

Practical information:

The workshops will be held in the Arcep offices located at 7 square Max Hymans, 75015 Paris.

As space is limited because of the size of the room, please register asap for these workshops by contacting Should demand exceed capacity, a choice will be made to ensure that all of the targeted sectors are represented.


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